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Walter Griffith for Luzerne County Controller

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Items of Interest form the Citizens  of Luzerne County

Walter Griffith offers change in this time of corruption


Let me emphasize that I have attended every Home Rule Study Commission meeting, and I also have attended nine meetings regarding Home Rule prior to the May election.

Walter Griffith is a true public advocate and a watchdog for the taxpayers and all the citizens of Luzerne County.

I have seen Walter Griffith in action at a majority of county meetings and I have seen him in action, and I can truthfully attest that Walter Griffith knows the state County Code better than any politician I know and probably as good as or better than the some attorneys.

Walter Griffith's main objective has always been to bring forth accountability, responsibility, fiscal integrity and transparency to Luzerne County government.

The actions of Walter Griffith speak louder than words.

Political rhetoric rendered against Walter Griffith is folly and unsubstantiated, and the extra polarity of Walter Griffith's political motives is absurd.

Walter Griffith's wanting the Government Study Commission to follow the Sunshine Act, gives evidence of his fervent desire that the Government Study Commission was doing what was right and the Sunshine Act would provide stability and respect.

Walter Griffith is a catalyst for change in this time of corruption in Luzerne County, and Walter is a breath of fresh air for all citizens of the county at a time when we need him most, and every political activist like myself knows Walter Griffith's tenacity, and desire to improve Luzerne County Government, is his utmost vision and Walter will always serve the people honestly and diligently when elected to the Luzerne County Controller's office.

Do not be vexed by deceitful politicians that make empty promises and have their own agendas that are not to serve the people of this county for they are wolves in sheep's clothing.

Walter Griffith is not self-centered, and his political ideology and characteristics will only benefit, to the fullest, the citizens of Luzerne County.

Remember that action speaks louder than words and Walter Griffith's actions are screaming for your support in November.

Charles V. Hatchko

Jenkins Township

Walter Griffith would be a full-time county controller


"The proof is in the pudding" is an old saying that comes to mind when I think of Walter Griffith, Jr., who is running for county controller. He is a proven taxpayer advocate who has attended commissioners' meetings for the past three years, and represented us at the budget hearings.

He knows the county code book well. He has had many good ideas, including installing a time clock for courthouse employees.

At the recent forum held at King's College, he stated that he will put in a full shift every day, and will keep the taxpayers informed on the county website.

Republicans, support Walter this primary. He will look out for the taxpayers' best interests.

Audrey Simpson


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