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Walter Griffith for Luzerne County Controller

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Dear Citizen of Luzerne County


      The Primary Election is over and the dust has settled and I have become the winner in a race of 4 candidates that were very qualified and able to be your County Controller, and the voters have decided that Walter L Griffith Jr is the best candidate for the race to become the next Luzerne County Controller.


        The Republican Party is now endorsing Walter L Griffith Jr for his candidacy to become the next County Controller for the taxpayers and Walter promises to be your continued voice in fighting the “Spend now, pay later” gang in the courthouse.


        I would like to appeal to you at this time, to ask that you help me with the campaign, in a way that you are most effective, and that is with your support at the polls on November 3rd, and also your financial support now, so that I can start to campaign effectively and efficiently to be able to win in November.


        The past primary campaign has cost at least $ 7000.00 and I have loaned my campaign $2000.00 and the general Election in November, is going to cost much more so that I can campaign Countywide and win.


        I am asking therefore for your financial support with a contribution of any amount to my campaign, with checks written to the “Committee to Elect Walter Griffith”, that would help with the purchase of Advertising and other campaign items that will make my campaign for County Controller a huge success in November.


         Please mail all contributions to

Walter L Griffith Jr

61 Simpson St

Wilkes-Barre PA 18702


        Walter L Griffith Jr is a true taxpayer advocate and has, and always will, represent the taxpayers and citizens of Luzerne County and now Walter is asking for your help with his campaign by asking for your contribution. Please consider Walter’s request and help with a check today.


Thankfully and respectfully submitted:


Walter L Griffith Jr.

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